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Collaboration diagram for Protocols:


 CBOR Processing.
 GET2 Callback Support
 NCX Data Model Get Operation callback handler for virtual data that is not stored in a val_value_t tree.
 Get Bulk Support
 Supports the NETCONF <get-bulk> operation.
 Contains JSON parsing and output utilities.
 NCX TCP Support
 TCP Support for Non-Blocking Connect.
 NETCONF Capabilities
 The capabilities module constructs two versions.
 NETCONF Configuration Datastores
 Configuration segments are stored in sequential order.
 NETCONF Operations
 Partial lock can only be used if –target=running It does not allow multiple threads to edit at once.
 NMDA Support
 Make sure to include "ncx_nmda.h" and "ncx_owner.h" to use the ncx_owner APIs.
 Protocol Message State
 Protocol independent message processessing state.
 RESTCONF protocol support.
 RPC Error Support
 Support for <rpc-error> messages.
 Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
 NETCONF <rpc> Request and <rpc-reply> Response Messages.
 Manages AVL tree of SMIv2 OID to YANG object mappings.
 Schema Mount Support
 Schema Mount support.
 Session Support
 Handles all inbound and outbound network sessions.
 Value Nodes (val_value_t)
 A value node (val_value_t) represents an instance of a YANG object.
 XML Support
 XML Processing.
 YANG Data Support
 Used to access YANG instance data for protocol messages, used within the client or server.
 YANG Patch Media Type
 YANG Patch Support (RFC 8072)
 YANG Validation Support
 Process some YANG validation statements, such as unique-stmt.
 YP-gNMI Support
 gNMI Get and Set support

Detailed Description

Protocol support functions.

Used by NETCONF, RESTCONF, YConrtol protocols.