yumapro  23.10T-8
YumaPro SDK
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Per Session Statistics. More...

#include <ses.h>

Data Fields

uint32 in_bytes
 extra original internal in byte counter
uint32 out_bytes
 extra original internal out byte counter
uint32 out_line
 hack: bytes since '
', pretty-print
uint32 inRpcs
 netconf-state in-rpcs counter
uint32 inBadRpcs
 netconf-state in-bad-rpcs counter
uint32 outRpcErrors
 netconf-state out-rpc-errors counter
uint32 outNotifications
 netconf-state out-notifications counter
uint32 requests
 internal request counters for EVAL tracking

Detailed Description

Per Session Statistics.

    using uint32 instead of uint64 because the netconf-state
    data model is specified that way

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