yumapro  23.10T-8
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NCX Utilities

Utlities for application layer to use. More...

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 Binary Data Utilities
 Base64 utility functions for YANG.
 CLI Utilities
 Command Line Interface and Text Configuration File Support.
 Debugging Utilities
 Internal Heap Checking.
 Definition Registry
 Provides fast tiered lookup for data structures used to process NCX messages.
 Double Linked Queues
 Linear queues used throughout the system (dlq_hdr_t).
 Error Handling Support
 Default error messages and other error reporting support functions.
 File Utilities
 Wrappers to standard Linux file system APIs.
 General NCX Utilities
 General utlities to support the server implementation.
 NCX Back Pointers
 General Utility to store a back pointer to another pointer.
 Posix Threads
 Posix threads support for server and client.
 String / Enum Conversions
 Convert between enumeration and string for log output.
 Timestamp Utilities
 Timestamp and time format conversion functions.

Detailed Description

Utlities for application layer to use.

Various protocol-related and system APIs.