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Unload Library Support

SIL and SIL-SA callback support during unload operations. More...

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status_t agt_val_unload_mod_nodes (ses_cb_t *scb, rpc_msg_t *msg, xml_node_t *methnode, ncx_module_t *mod)
 Unload the module data nodes. More...

Detailed Description

SIL and SIL-SA callback support during unload operations.

If nn <unload> or <unload-bundle> operation is requested then the callbacks are needed if any YANG data is removed from the datastores.

Function Documentation

◆ agt_val_unload_mod_nodes()

status_t agt_val_unload_mod_nodes ( ses_cb_t scb,
rpc_msg_t msg,
xml_node_t methnode,
ncx_module_t mod 

Unload the module data nodes.

Search all datastores to find all the value nodes for objects for the specified module, then delete them. The module is being unloaded from the server.

The caller SHOULD have all datastores locked so no other threads can do any writes while the module nodes are removed from each datastore (agt_cfg only supports 1 datastore for each transaction)

scbsession control block
[in,out]msgincoming validate rpc_msg_t in progress
  • rpc_err_rec_t structs may be malloced and added to the msg->mhdr.errQ
methnodeXML method node for error purposes (may be NULL)
modmodule being unloaded
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